Burnout Medicine

by JtotheC (speech: Malik Ameer Crumpler)

you already know what's been missing
cuz you miss it.

what it is 
is that everyday everybody energy.
everytime you doing you, you feel it.

then you listen to contemporary music 
and be like: "yo, where is it?"

you know where it is
buried with the truth 
in a funky reality 
that they really don't want you 
to put your attention towards.

they them ones that go unnamed
cuz they got so many names.
they dispise the social soul of the universe.
they seek only to maintain our mental slavery
and thus their elected servants serve that 
art is always illness.

us, brothers from
other mothers,
from other universes,

who serve for 
and serve as spirit guides 
     we represent them on-point beings
in the point of on.
Seeing how life is big
   and the lust for life is even bigger
us who survived thus far
suffer burnout syndrome.
Livin' just to pay off debts
and minimise stress.

You know it's enough to say
it's gonna take some BAD MOTHAFUCKAS
to aid us on our heroic quest 
to get up offa our bullshit
and step into the fullness of life
without being slaves to our former failures.

now consider this here
the first in many doses of
burnout medicine.

side effects vary from 
mutating into the hero you've always wanted to be 
to simply freeing yourself from the desire to be free.

We all know life ain't straight lines or checkers.
This ain't for the squares.
This is for them there panters and leopards,
owls and ibises.

Somebody had to make this record.
Now that it's made
go ahead and dig this shit.
We dare you to live your life limitless.

Submitted on: October 16, 2019

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