Ball of the Dead Rat

by The Teeth

The Teeth was an indie rock band from Philadelphia consisting of twin brothers Aaron MoDavis on rhythm guitar and Peter MoDavis on bass guitar. Other members include Brian Ashby on lead guitar and Jonas Oesterle on drums. (Currently disbanded since March 2008)

It's been too many nights
That you've been creeping around
Stumbling like a monkey
Through the underground
And you don't wanna be alone
You got your cigarettes
You got your jujuyfruits
You can't stand yourself
So you take a substitute
And no one liked it when you said
That when you die you're really dead
Those people laughing
So you left that stupid scene
And you made your way back home
Now you're crying
With your head on the telephone
Oh man
It'd sure be nice to have a girl to call your own
Do you remember when
You had it
Figured out
You coulda
Done no wrong
You coulda
Worked it out
And now you've gazed at too many
Of the things you did last year
And the screenplay that you wrote down in a book
That no one saw cause they never looked
And the drawing you did when you were very small
And the photograph you hung up on the wall
They'll never catch you when you fall

Written by: Aaron Modavis

Submitted on: July 10, 2019