Get Your Crush

by Steve Laurie

Steve Laurie is a singer/songwriter who writes music that spans a variety of genres including rock, folk and gospel. Steve is strongly influenced by music of the 1960's and 1970's and likes to explore a diversity of genres in his songs. Steve's musical training was on keyboards, and he also plays…

I can’t get your crush 
I can’t get your blush 
I ain’t got to much to say 

I can’t get your look 
I can’t get you hooked 
To be my girl anyway 

It’s just another rainy day 

I can’t feel your touch 
I can’t offer much 
To make you want to look my way 

It’s just another rainy day 

I can’t reach your mind 
And your heart is blind 
To anything that I might say 

It’s just an ordinary day

Written by: Steve Laurie

Submitted by: stevelaurie on October 12, 2018