It's Good To Be With You

by Steve Laurie

Steve Laurie is a singer/songwriter who writes music that spans a variety of genres including rock, folk and gospel. Steve is strongly influenced by music of the 1960's and 1970's and likes to explore a diversity of genres in his songs. Steve's musical training was on keyboards, and he also plays…

It makes me happy, when you walk into the room 
It makes me happy, knowing that I’ll see you soon 
Smile for me and I’ll smile for you 
Laugh for me and I’ll laugh with you 
It’s good to be with you 

It’s my good fortune, a blessing that you’re here 
It makes me wonder if you know how much I care 
Talk to me and I’ll talk to you 
Hold my hand and I’ll hold you too 
It’s good to be with you 

You’re an invitation to a celebration 

It makes me happy, when I get to see your face 
You make me happy, cause you brighten every place 
Walk with me and I’ll walk with you 
Talk with me and I’ll talk with you 
It’s good to be with you

Written by: Steve Laurie

Submitted by: stevelaurie on October 10, 2018