Always thinkin bout you

by LeiLani Lopez

LeiLani Lopez is a poet and lyricist. She has been writing lyrics since 1997 in multiple genres. She writes custom lyrics for her artists.

When I cry I know why
 I don’t even try 
to dry my eye
and then I sigh
im relievin my insides

When I pray I can say
I no longer dismay
when I’m true I’m not blue
But I’m always thinkin bout you

When it rains it’s no game 
rain’s all bout change 
somethin has to die for new

When it pours I adore 
I don’t cry no more
now what was I cryin for 
all I know is it came from my core 
and I’m always thinkin bout you

Ya know who ya are
your presence caused a scar
my heart and soul are forever marred
you rent space in my head
to me you’ll never be dead
Cuz I’m always thinkin bout you 

Written by: LeiLani Lopez

Submitted by: Lei_1 on June 04, 2024