by Penny Enderson Jia

Girl singing:
Baby, what’s wrong?
Why are you so silent now
Is that fuckin girl back?
Or the stupid bitch boy back?
I can help
Just tell me what’s bothering you
I can solve any problem of yours
And mine~

Boy singing:
I don’t really wanna mess this up, babe...
But there’s a girl always in my mind, yeah
I don’t really want to ruin our relationship 
She like me, too
So we are breaking up
So I can
Be with

Girl singing:
But I still don’t think anything is right
I still don’t think anything is right
How could you
You are choosing a girl out of me
So let’s say, goodbye dumb bitch
You don’t deserve my love~
So goodbye loser fuckin bitch

(Thud Sound)

Submitted by: Midnight_045 on March 24, 2021