Song parody of Jellyhead by Crush

So what if your beans are corn
They've been corn since straws were cool
I wanted booze for a brittle while
You got it wrong by a million miles
Big deal what a thrill what a let down
Kissing in your car
When I should have been out
I want the Prodigy really loud
I want it all right now
Over and over I feel it
Boyfriend you're alone
You must be out of your mind
Jellyhead, you've really blown it
In the slow lane
Never change the way that I feel
Go home never know never be real
'Cause not one thing you said was true
I'm gonna find somebody new
Make up break up always the same
Get out what about you and me
Say i've been hanging around you too long
When summer comes I'm gone
[Chorus: x2]
I want to be flying in the clear sky
I want to be diving in the blue
I gotta be out in the evening
Jellyhead without you
Without you
[Chorus: x2]

Written by Leaked period

Submitted on: October 18, 2020

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