Houston 2020 (Seen our rights get lost on Fraud Way)

Song parody of Miami 2017 (Seen the Lights Go Out on Broadway) by Billy Joel

I Seen our right's get lost on fraud way
I saw the liar State laid low
But life went on beyond the Everglades
We all bought Medical masks
And got out long ago
They held a rally out by Georgetown
And watch the virus spread unchecked
We tried shut them down
And make our land rebound
But they went right on with the crow
I've seen our rights get lost on Fraud way
I saw the ruins of our street
You know we could help but notice
We see it all the time on every police beat
They burned the business down in Portland
Like we’ve never seen before
The flames were everywhere
But no one really cared
Or they wouldn’t burn no more
I Seen our right's get lost on fraud way
I watched the frightened liar call
The guards were waiting at the barricades
The pepper balls flew out
The bible held aloft
They sent a carrier up the Hudson
And treated Yankees fans for free
They said it’d be okay
It would just go away
He lied unapologetically
You know our rights were lost in one day
That wasn’t many years ago
Before we all lived here in Quarentine
Before that Corona took o’er AmericaCo
There will be many who remember
Uninfected and survived
To tell the world about
The way our rights’ in doubt
And keep the memory alive

Written by Zac Flowerman

Submitted on: October 11, 2020

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