I Don't Know

by Starsailor

Starsailor is an English post-Britpop band. By 2009, they had four charting albums and ten Top 40 singles in the UK since 2001. Because the band members met and formed whilst studying music courses at Wigan and Leigh College, Starsailor is described as a band from Wigan. Only Barry Westhead is from…

Woke up reeling
Lost all feeling
Heart on the floor 
My eyes to the ceiling

Tried to stop me
But I was not listening
One more drink and I won't miss them

I don't know what love is
I don't know what love is
I don't know what love is
But I think I had it

See that poor girl
With the glint in her eye
She could turn you that way
If you're willing to try
Don't you worry about your friends 
and the time they're having
They are on the outside and they're looking in


See them wasting it all away
For the sake of a thrill and a game away

Oh they found him
Put him in prison
Could have been worse
They could have killed him
He's not the one
He was only dealing 
But there's a killer on the loose 
and he meets the description

[Chorus: Repeats]


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