Every Part of Me

by William Woods

The way you know me
The way you love me
It's so natural
Can't remember me
Without you

Show everybody
The you that I see
Every day with you
Is like a glimpse of eternity (because)

What I see through your eyes
Is the promise of forever
Look over my shoulder and you're always there
Come whatever
And I want you to know I never
Take for granted what I have
There's no (wherever I go)
No mistakin' (now that I now)
I'm sayin'
(there's a part of you) there's a part of you
In every part of me (in every part of me)

Ain't no deceivin'
Couldn't conceal it
Quick am I breathin'
Just gets better all the time

The way I know you
The way I love you
Feels so natural
You reach me and I feel the fire


Being real and just kickin' back
I know in your love there's no lack
And no one ever could argue that
They can try but they won't get nowhere
Fast as the earth turns around
Heaven stands still for right now
You in my heart and no other sound
Anyway, anyhow


The way you love me


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