One Wish

by Shystie

Chanelle Scott Calica (born 25 December 1984) better known by her stage name Shystie, is an English female rapper-songwriter and actress. Her mother was born and raised in Barbados and her father born and raised in Grenada making her heritage West-Indian. She grew up in Hackney, East London. Shysti…

uh ha.....

[Verse One]
I grew up in H-town living life on the blocks
From then that's when I became unorthodox
I use to tie knots in ma socks
filled them with rocks And I'd swing your jaw if you gave bad looks

Now I, haven't changed still slightly deranged
Still slightly outraged and I feel insane
At way I contain so much pain
like a feen Life is real do you know what I mean?

Its like, ever since the days I was young
man was bussing full clips and the run of your tongue And
in my hood I see mans get worked
Then ah man would come back n say that man got murked

Yea, I can say that my live's been hard
Six of us lived in ah two bedroom yard
So I keep this in mind full well knowing I know where I've been
so I know where I'm going

You don't know where I've been
You don know what I've been through
So how can you judge me?
You don't know about the life that I got
You don't know what its like to live in my slot.
this worlds gone mad and it don't seem right
every night I pray to god please turn out the light
that would be my one wish!
(that would be my one wish)
(that would be my one wish)
that would be my one wish

[Verse 2]
I got that H-A-see blood in me
I rep my east side I'm that ghetto gully mind chick
born in E5 And I've always moved
with mans ever since I was young
'cause these girls are too bitchy and their mind set is long

Yea I learnt how to move and stay wise on the street
'cause my older boy's showed me how a girl should roll deep
I saw moves get moved, watch man move what they move
To survive out here you got to do what you do

Hustling on the corner shotting work
'cause when your grinding you gota make shit work
'cause life is hard and life is real
And mans now ah days don't care when they kill

Boys young as sixteen
life's taken and gone and I sit back and sigh
what the fuck is going on This is wrong
to the families of lost ones I'm sorry R.I.P to babys Jessica and Holly

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse three]
The hood holds loyalty
the hood holds faith The hood holds struggle
and the hood holds rage
The hood holds haters that wana grudge me
But I don't watch you only god here can judge

So I don't care if you like me or hate
'cause lately a lot of heads wana vibe crazy
But I ain't here to make new friends
Shystie is jus here to make ah means to ah end

So, ima be the reason why you step up your pace in this race
Ima take every chicks fan base
And ima be the realist girl in the game
Ima be the reason people forget your name

'cause I'm big inner dis
big bad inner dis
And I don't care who likes me and whose pissed
'cause Shystie's here and I'm repping it for London
I'm never gona be ah pop Emcee, you must be dumb man

[Repeat Chorus x 2]

(Tell me where I've been)
(Uh-ohh uh-ohh)
(That would be my one wish....)


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