Ov Power

by Psychic TV

Psychic TV (sometimes spelled Psychick TV) or PTV, is a video art and music group that primarily performs psychedelic, punk, electronic and experimental music. The band was formed by performance artist Genesis P-Orridge and video director Peter Christopherson (after the breakup of Throbbing Gristle) with Alex Fergusson, musician and producer (a key member of Alternative TV for whom P-Orridge had played percussion).

Ov power, Ov power
Ov power, Ov power
Dog power. Dog power
Be relased
Seeds released
The secret in a cell
The freedom of its spell
Dog trainer
Ov rainer
Can you see the dog?
Can you feed the fog?
My son the dog
My sun the dog
Waiting to turn the pattern
Ov power, Ov power
In a cell
Cast your spell
Stops and turns
Red rope burns
No-one hears
Is no fear
Let him in
They both begin
They cast their charms
A call to arms
Ov power. Ov power
That very special power
That extra-special power
The almighty power!
The dog power
The ov power
My son the dog
My sun the dog
Ov power. Ov power
Ov power. Ov power


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