Write My Ticket

by Tift Merritt

Catherine Tift Merritt (born January 8, 1975) is an American singer-songwriter, musician and North Carolina native. With her longtime band, she has built what has been called a "unique" and critically acclaimed body of work of "sonic short stories and poignant performances." She has been compared t…

This city must belong to someone,
But it don't belong to me.
From the window I got here,
I count the traffic through my tears,
Wanting to write me ticket, write my ticket home.

I got to get back in the arms of the man who loves me,
I got to get back to the people who have always been proud of me.
Take me back, I was wrong.
Write my ticket home.

A place called Suzy's, I'm a waitress.
Sue says, "Girl, you'll get used to all this."
But there is now way she could see
How much that cold rain gets to me,
How much I traded for a picture in my mind


I can hear 'em sitting 'round joking,
"She talks so big, come back broken."
Well, I had to try.
I ain't so proud.
I wish I were talking 'bout nothing with them right now.


Written by: TIFT MERRITT

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