by Hoodoo Gurus

Hoodoo Gurus (referred to as the Gurus by fans) are an Australian rock band, formed in Sydney in 1981, by the mainstay Dave Faulkner (songwriter, lead singer and guitarist) and later joined by Richard Grossman (bass), Mark Kingsmill (drums), and Brad Shepherd (guitar, vocals, harmonica). Their popu…

May I remind you.
May I remind you that you are through
Being the fresh blood.
Everyone's seen the tricks you get up to.
It's so nice, it's so cold. Your #17

You have a taste for something
You liked to very long ago.
Nothing can equal blazing a trail
Through fields of virgin snow.
It's so warm, it's so sweet. Your #17.
It's so firm, it's so neat. Your #17

You feel cold, you're a whiter shade of pale.
Truth be told. Hellhounds on your trail.
There goes your final nail.
Love is a strange bird,
Taking us places we can never dream.
Hard to imagine,
How does it feel in someone else's skin?
It's so cruel, it's so new. Your #17.
It's so fresh, it's all through. Your #17.

You've been told,
It was in a silent way,
You're too old to go on this way.
You really should behave
Or face an early grave.
There ain't a damn thing
I'll ever say to make you change your mind,
So take your fancy,
Knowing tomorrow is another time.
It' so nice, it's so cold. Your #17.
It's so soft, it's so bold. Your #17.
It's so warm, it's so sweet. Your #17.
It's so firm, it's so neat. Your #17.
Your #17.


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