Morbid Minister

by Macabre

Macabre is an American extreme metal band that was formed in 1985 in Chicago, Illinois. The band is known for their unique blend of death metal, grindcore, and thrash metal, as well as their dark and macabre lyrical themes. Macabre's music often deals with subjects such as serial killers, true crime, and other gruesome topics. Their lyrics are often written from the perspective of the killers themselves, which adds an extra level of horror and terror to their music. The band's graphic and disturbing lyrics have earned them a reputation as one of the most extreme and controversial bands in the metal scene.

I like to torture and I do it quite well
Kidnapped in my house
You'll think you're in hell
Your new home's a pit
In my basement floor
Act up and I'll shock you
With an electrical chord

Morbid minister
He's quite sinister
In his pit you're restrained
All your life he will drain

While you're chained to my pit
You'll wish you were saved
But you can not escape me
You are my sex slave
Inside of a blender
Is your gourmet meal
Consisting of dog food
And women I killed

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