Dipset (Santana's Town) (Skit)

by Juelz Santana

LaRon Louis James (born February 18, 1983), better known by his stage name Juelz Santana, is an American/Dominican rapper, producer, actor and member of group Dipset. He appeared on Cam'ron's 2002 singles, "Oh Boy" and "Hey Ma". In 2003, his debut album From Me to U was released by Def Jam Recordin…

Yeah, let me call this bitch up, hello?
Yo, what's good, what you doin? I'm Chillin'
I ain't shit I'm gonna crib right now
What you tryin' to get into?

I don't know, you tell me! You comin' over?
Yeah! Where you at your crib? Yeah
Ay yo, ay yo, who you talkin' too over there ma?

I ain't talkin' to nobody this Keisha on the phone!
Oh, thats Keisha, oh, aight
Wait, wait a fuckin' minute
I just spoke to Keisha nigga, she sleep B

Oh, That's her man
Yo, who the fuck is you talkin' too you dirty bitch
See this is the fuckin' shit I'm tryin' to talk about
That's why I slap the fuck you
I'ma slap the shit outta you B

Naw matter fact, I ain't even worryin' about that shit B
Word to my mother, word to my mother B
I'm spittin', I'm rappin', word to my mother
I'm 'bout to get signed to them Diplomats niggas B
Word to my mother I just spoke to that nigga Juelz B

Word to my mother I'm about to be on, I'ma leave you bitch
Ha Ha! I'ma leave you bitch
You ain't gonna be nothin', Diplomats, baby!
Woo, byrd gang, byrd gang all day! alright

Did he just say he was gonna signed to Diplomats?
That's what he say but I dunno
That nigga been talkin' so much shit, he's crazy

Written by: Cameron Giles, Edward Jr. Hinson, Laron L. James

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