Losers Weep

by Stacey Earle

Stacey Earle (born September 25, 1960) is an American singer-songwriter. The sister of alt-country singer Steve Earle, she has recorded six albums, including four with her husband, musician Mark Stuart.

I'm going back where I come from
I'm going lookin' for someone
Someone I left behind
We were both such babies at the time

When my family moved away
Wanted you to go , but you had to stay
And out the back window, as I waved good-bye
Your mother held you as you cried

We play hide and seek, finders keep
Only the loser is left to weep
Gotta secret can I keep it
Better cross my heart and hope to die

Gonna go be a big girl now
I'm gonna go show them just how
I can make it all on my own
They'll say my girl how you've grown

And I'll be married in the spring
No white dress, no diamond ring
With a baby on the way 
I know I heard one say, guess she never learned a thing


Some say leave well enough alone
Some thing's better if never known
But I still remember the place
Just have no name for an empty space

So I reap what I've sown
But still get to keep what I have grown
And I'll let the willow weep
For the secret it must keep
In a mission down in San Anton'


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