In My Way (For Frances)

by Stacey Earle

Stacey Earle (born September 25, 1960) is an American singer-songwriter. The sister of alt-country singer Steve Earle, she has recorded six albums, including four with her husband, musician Mark Stuart.

I walk all over this earth
Picking pieces up of what she's worth
I've got a little bit to show for
I got what I need maybe a little more

I wake up to catch a sunrise
I've fallen in love under a moonlit night
I seen some of the worst storms roll in
I pick up my pieces and I move on again

I know exactly where I'm headed
Just a little stop I made on the way
Even though I feel I'm in heaven
I let nothing stand in my way
In my way, in my way
In my way, in my way

Hard days work leaves a tired one
Leaves so little time for any one
But I'm sure I'll be seein' you 'round
Don't get up I know the way out


I left nothing standing
There is nothin' standin'
I have nothin'standing in my way

Written by: STACEY EARLE


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