Wedding Night

by Stacey Earle

Stacey Earle (born September 25, 1960) is an American singer-songwriter. The sister of alt-country singer Steve Earle, she has recorded six albums, including four with her husband, musician Mark Stuart.

Woke up early this morning
On my day to shine
Daddy drinkin' coffee, readin' his paper
Tryin' to pass the time
Mama's in the kitchen
They're burnin' up them telephone lines
Get the ceremony rollin'
I'm ready for my wedding night

Daddy paid a fortune
For my white wedding gown
Seems a little silly
When it's only his tradition now
Packed down deep in my suitcase
Got a black silk gown
Get my ceremony rollin'
I'm ready for the wedding night

Oh, I want my wedding night
Here comes daddy's little girl down the aisle
She's all dressed in white
No, no, no mama there's no need to cry
Let's get the ceremony rollin'
Ready for my wedding night

Don't look once, girl
Don't think it twice
Cause after tonight
The guy will be all mine
I here them chapel bells a ringing
I here them choir boys a singing
Get me to the church on time
Get  the ceremony rollin'
I'm ready for my wedding night


Written by: STACEY EARLE


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