Your Cloud

by Tori Amos

Tori Amos (born Myra Ellen Amos; August 22, 1963) is an American pianist, singer-songwriter and composer. She is a classically trained musician and possesses a mezzo-soprano vocal range. Amos originally served as the lead singer of 1980s synthpop group Y Kant Tori Read, and as a solo artist was at …

Where the river cross 
Crosses the lake 
Where the words 
Jump off my pen 
And into your pages 
Do you think 
Just like that 
You can divide 
This you as yours 
Me as mine to 
Before we were us 
If the rain has to separate 
From itself 
Does it say "pick out your cloud?" 
Pick out your cloud 
If there is 
A horizontal line 
That runs from the map 
Off your body 
Straight through the land 
Shooting up 
Right through my heart 
Will this horizontal line 
When asked 
Know how to find 
Where you end 
Where I begin 
"Pick out your cloud"
How light can play 
And form a ring of rain 
That can change bows into arrows 
(I found a thrill) 
Who we were isn't lost 
Before we were us 
Indigo in his own 
Blue always knew this 
If the rain 
Has to separate 
From itself 
Does it say pick out your cloud


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