by Horror Show

In her car six hours long,
Whisper words song after song
Eyes wide shut we sat and stare,
Long loss sought OH! life's unfair!
We always want we can't have
And we always lose,
So were always sad grade school crush
Blood soaked hair,
Four more hours and well there.
Utter words of importance,
When we forget to say.
She likes me, I love her
But they always go away wishful thinking,
Lost train of thought,
Shattered dreams broke
From the start "desperate yells",
"cries for help" we do it ourselves.
What we always want we'll never have..
Cause we want too much
What is love and what's it like?
One one zero off the mass pike
Irony floods the car like air,
Hope and pray that she is there

Written by: GENE CLARK


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