Ride for This

by Fabolous

John David Jackson (born November 18, 1977), better known by his stage name Fabolous, is an American rapper. His first music appearance was with his 2001 release Ghetto Fabolous. He is also known for his hit singles "Can't Deny It", "Young'n (Holla Back)", "Breathe", "Make Me Better", "My Time" and…

[Ja rule (fabolous)]
(we trin' to kill these niggas)
(yea, uh huh, yea)
We in the door now
Holla, rule nigga, with the f-a-b-o haha, yea
(my nigga)
Holla back nigga
(yea, uh, yea)
Irv gotti
Murder inc.
(uh, yea, uh)
(run'em down nigga]

Load the 4-4 up
I'm the reason the price of raw go up
Jump outta of the lambo, and the doors go up
Hit you and your ho up
From the torso up
Leave y'all there till the coroner or the law show up
I'm that nigga they say preforming so the whores show up
Why cop?, I rob you, ice your roll up
I pop bottles, ain't no need for no cup
Roll the pure 'dro up, stroll the floor tore up
The difference between fab and y'all, after I pick an auto up
Every month I ain't gotta give more doe up
Fuckin' with this you'll buy a washer when the shore slow up
I have it when ya kids see-saw go up
I see four blow up
Check these diamonds, no flaws show up
My niggas clap up parties, shoot tour shows up
What y'all know bout head till a chicks jaw swoll up
Goin' gold minutes after the gates on stores go up
You know who done it now, few hundred miles
And with shoes on it now
It's like a few hundred thou
When we run up this guns to stomach style
Got to flaunt it now
Nigga who want it blawgh

[Chorus: Ja Rule]
Ride for this
Where my niggas at get high to this
Where y'all at
Die for this
Throw guns up to the sky for this
Where y'all at
Ride for this
Where my niggas at get high to this
Where y'all at
Die for this
Throw guns up to the sky for this
Where y'all at

Yo, you must wanna die
From the nigga you testify against
Fabolous make bail before they identify the prints
Swing by a Vince, in a buggy eye with tents
Sitting on nineteen's, gun stash by the vents
Niggas is looking at the chain cause they eyes squint
I pull up, pull out, pull back
Them guys will sprint
Last nigga that talked slick and been replyin' since
Got a deal, no sellin', been supplyin' since
Leave niggas on the ground like tire prints
We done make ya eyes look bent, just by the sense
These niggas don't believe, then they gone die convinced
Once I present the four fifth why comment
I'm the type you tell ya dame bout
Push a fellow brain out
Leave'em in front of the spot that they sell cocaine out
One single, had to tint the yellow range out
Everybody runnin' up tryin' to spell the name out (f-a-b-o-l-o-u-s)



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