Landscape [Extract from "The Paintings"]

by Amazing Blondel

Amazing Blondel are an English acoustic progressive folk band, consisting of Eddie Baird, John Gladwin, and Terry Wincott. They released a number of LPs for Island Records in the early 1970s. They are sometimes categorised as Psych folk or as Medieval folk rock, but their music was much more a rein…

Silence, stillness hangs brittle by the breeze

Break it not, leave it free, 
For that quiet is sound to me, 
Lilting from each flower, a melody to see, 

Mellow meadow, your mood steeped in cadence
View each note, see it pass

Sustained by the swaying grass, 

Treasured tune of nature, sedate supernal mass

Landscape splendour, spirit mender, 
No extent of beauty equalls yours

Season sender, harsh and tender
Answer to all yearnings and yet their cause
Shafts of sunlight shine thinly through the trees

Golden rays, parched with dust
Thirst for clarity and just
A little glimpse of life down beneath this foliar crust

Womblike woodland, one chaste copse confined, 

Stay untouched, undefiled, 
All God's garden growing wild, 

Blooming forth in freedom so sweetly reconciled

Landscape splendour, spirit mender, 
No extent of beauty equalls yours
Unending, time suspending, 

Terrestrial creation
Rainstorm rapids rush swollen down the slopes, 
Cleansing all in their path, 
Not one stone left unbathed
Just waterpools and wormscasts remain as aftermath, 

Holy hillside, the alter of the plains, 

All is seen from your brow, 
To that face the four winds bow, 

As maji to the Saviour and oxen to their plough

Written by: JOHN GLADWIN

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