The Inside of My Head

by David Wilcox

David Patrick Wilcox (born 1958) is an American folk musician and singer-songwriter guitarist. He has been active in the music business since the late 1980s.

I've got such a mess between my ears
Like dishes in the sink
Stuff I don't believe just tumbles in
'Til I don't have room to think

All my failures are on display
The broken dreams of yesterday
The stuff I should have thrown away
But I've kept it here instead

I've gotta empty out the inside of my head

This could be a room with such a view
But it's covered up with junk
Blocking off the place the light gets through
So it keeps me in this funk

These dark clouds I've stowed away
Just in case of a sunny day
So I could stand in the pouring rain
Of every tear I've ever shed

I've gotta empty out the inside of my head

I'd like to turn this place into my home
Instead of someplace that I dread
It's the only room that's mine alone
And I'll live here till I'm dead

I'll sort through what I have found
Stuff that works I'll keep around
But I can't live weighted down
With every cruel word they said

I've gotta empty out the inside of my head

Written by: DAVID WILCOX


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