Killer Blow

by Sade

Sade (/ʃɑːˈdeɪ/shah-DAY) are a British smooth jazz band that formed in 1983, named after their lead singer Sade Adu. Their music features elements of R&B, soul, jazz, and soft rock.

Pretty little thing...
She held all the magic
That's so hard to believe...
Never too far's hard to conceive...
Never thought she'd have to go 
Never thought she'd leave
It came like a killer blow
Killer blow...
Funny, isn't it?
That a little girl can make the world seem so small...
Hard to believe, the little girl can seem so tall...
And the thing that he calls love, isn't thick enough? She had to go
That's the way it goes
Killer blow...
Your love has wings that took her to the things he couldn't give
She got the kiss of life
Kiss of life
She's gone where it's so easy to live
It's so easy to live
Searching for the scent of content...
Oh, know, it's the killer blow
Killer blow...
Get along without me, boy
Get along without me
You see things aren't quite what they seem
Get along without me, why me?
Out of your dreams
I'm no angel, I'm no
This may come
As a killer blow
Killer blow
Killer blow...


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