by Unleash the Archers

Unleash The Archers is a Canadian heavy metal band from Victoria, BC, currently signed with Napalm Records. The band plays a fusion of traditional heavy metal with power metal and melodic metal.

Open my eyes in a daze
How long has it been?  Am I so out of place?
Warmth I can no longer feel
My mountain is gone, I'm surrounded by steel
The strangest of structures arises ahead, seems to be held up by nothing
Where have I gone, do I dream? How can the stars be all I can see?

Dark embrace
Has someone awakened me?  Please show your face
Cold and quiet space

Out so far beyond stars and the sun, filling my heart up with wonder, unknown
Now, to the edge of imagination, open my eyes to phenomenon, and hope

Feverishly I explore
Searching for someone, there has to be more
I can't be the only one here
My path always guides me, there's nothing to fear
Then why do I feel so immensely alone, this can't be the end of my story
Onward I go once again, fighting my way to my final breath

Into the abyss


Summon the strength of millenniums past, forged by the fire and flame
I am the weapon of empires vast, Immortal is more than a name

Cry into the chasm ahead, into to the sky never ending, although
Time will tell if I'm worthy of it, a future of final transcending, alone

Written by: Grant Truesdell, Scott Buchanan, Brittney Hayes, Andrew Saunders

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