Well of Memory/ODAAT


Looney platoonery, march in the armory. Turn of the century, there's too many ways to godomino. Well of memory. Digging deeper. Milli and Marjory, making a mockery. We're in no hurry, crawling through the poppiesyou and I. well of memory. Thoughts so rotten and not forgotten dreams. The windmills of your mind turn with the tides of time. Pursuit of history, machine and hands buried at sea.
Dreams are where the future liessleep is where we go to hide one day at a time, there's no use tryin to rush the line. And if you're inclined, no don't try to drag me with you. Til you're out of time, brothers sisters heed the signs. Leave the past behind, no you don't have to drag it with you. One day at a time.

Written by: Pedrum Siadatian

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