by Michal

Michal (; Hebrew: מיכל‬ [miˈχal]) was, according to the first Book of Samuel, a princess of the United Kingdom of Israel; the younger daughter of King Saul, she was the first wife of David (1 Samuel 18:20–27), who later became king, first of Judah, then of Israel.

I'll make things right
I'll break your fall
Unshatter glass
And fix the wall you gave to me
Wish me away and I'll be gone
I didn't mean to block your sun with
My shadow

I'm going where I'm wanted in my dreams
I'm going where I'm wanted in my dreams
Sleep on the floor
Uncovered mattresses and cigarette burns
In the blanket that I made for you
And I wasn't sure just what to say
Guess I got scared and ran away, hey

I'm sure I've felt this way before
Dear god it hurts so bad sometimes
This time I feel it's something more
How could I ever be so blind? Hey

Maybe you'll be there


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