by Great Grandpa

Great Grandpa are an American indie rock group from Seattle, Washington.


The path in her brain gets rewarded again
Where it hardens and strengthens in a looping refrain. 
And masked spectres of the past reveal themselves against her will
to slide in this moment, alive again pro tem.

There's an endless expanding drawn in the eyes
A soul decomposing, a body alive.

Rosalie lives, lives on her own
Scared like a german shepherd, in the back of the yard
Wait til morning, cares coming by
Changing her clothes, listening to

Odd things, throw the cereal on the ceiling.
Stretched screams, shallow skin, swollen feet.

Rosalie lives, lives with her own
Home like a TV sitcom, and her kids in the car
Wait til nighttime, see her again, hollow and thin
Wading through

Odd things, throw the cereal on the ceiling
Stretched screams, swollen speech, void of meaning
Sad scenes can be beared, can be handled
No thing keeps me up, keeps us screaming

It's the hardest part, the hardest part
Just a relentless regress.

Written by: Alexandra Menne, Cameron LaFlam, Caroline Miller, Dylan Hanwright, Patrick Goodwin

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