by X Ambassadors

X Ambassadors (also stylized XA) is an American rock band from Ithaca, New York. Its members currently include lead vocalist Sam Harris, keyboardist Casey Harris, and drummer Adam Levin. Their most notable songs include "Jungle", "Renegades", and "Unsteady". The band's debut full-length album, VHS,…

I could spend a lifetime lookin' for something
Waitin' for the one, but it's never comin'
Miles and miles, but I can't stop runnin', can't stop runnin'
'Cause when I'm at my best, I just see imperfections
Counting up my debts, never counting my blessings
Always out of reach, but it's right there in front of me
Right there in front of me, am I always gonna be

Chasing my shadow?
Chasing my shadow

Drinkin' on my back porch, dreamin' we'll get out
Scuffin' up my white Vans, sneak out of your house
Just a couple kids, tryna figure it all out
Actin' reckless and stupid like life is a movie
Okay, now let's fast-forward, stick to the program
Stickers on my passport, New York to London
See the Eiffel Tower through a telescope
Watch a car crash, and a homeless man he said
"What do you know?" Well, what do I know?

Chasing my shadow
Chasing my shadow
Wherever I run, wherever I go
Will I ever stop wanting more
Chasing my shadow

Power lines through the city
And Bowery looks so pretty
How far I've come, how far I've gotta go
And all I need is killin' me, it's killin me
As soon as I get what I wanted before
It's not what I want anymore

I'm chasing my shadow
Chasing my shadow (chasin' me)
Wherever I run, wherever I go
Will I ever stop wanting more
Chasing my shadow
Chasing my shadow
Chasing my shadow

Written by: Adam Levin, Casey Wakeley Harris, Emily Warren, Jayson M. Dezuzio, Ricky Reed, Samuel Nelson Harris

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