Newspaper Gown

by Damien Jurado

Damien Jurado is an American indie rock singer/songwriter from Seattle, Washington. Over the years he has released albums on many labels; today, his primary label is Secretly Canadian.

You can come over
Whenever you want
You can get dressed up
And I'll show you off
We could go dancing
Or hang around town
Whatever you want
In your newspaper gown

Our friends think we're lovers
Or so I have heard
And they try for confessions
And I say not a word
So we let them keep guessing
'Til they figure us out
Our made-up wedding
In your newspaper gown

We are placing our bets
They are making the call
We all going all in
We cannot win at all
And my wheels, they keep spinning
I am turned upside down
And we'll be the headlines
In your newspaper gown

What if I told you
What your friends think is true?
At the end of my day
All I want is you
Would it destroy you?
Would you not want me around?
Am I a new pair of scissors
For your newspaper gown?

We take our chances
And we risked it all
I'm willing to let go
But not willing to fall
We can be married tonight
The news will astound
Announcements made
From your newspaper gown

Written by: Damien Jurado


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