Moldy Man


Moldy Man
moldy man sits in the corner waiting for the dawn to come, sheds blue tears
neverending flicking fuzz off with his thumb and if you got the guts to ask him why you
hidin in that junk you're actin blind it's plain to see him peachy patchy hide the sun
moldy man he has no brothers moisture dripping off his toes with hand me downs that
clog and clutter a dark room where he can grow please don't panic if you catch
eavesdroppin on your bread and butter bleedin blue blood serenade that's bouncing off
the shutters | can't you seem me from the door I'm just mindin my own curled up on the
floor my the sunlight hurts my eyes guess I'll stay where it's moldy inside

Written by: Pedrum Siadatian

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