Woman in You

by Maxi Priest

Max Alfred "Maxi" Elliot (born 10 June 1961) is a British reggae vocalist of Jamaican descent. He is best known for singing reggae music with an R&B influence, otherwise known as reggae fusion, and became one of the first international successes who regularly dabbled in the genre and one of the…

She loves me and I know she wants me oh oh yeah
She loves me yeah and I know she cares about me
Friends they keep on telling me
How she sits and talks about me
Folks they keep on telling me yeah
How she always talks about me
Oh I've been such a fool
Not to realize the love we had
Gonna take this chance to prove to myself
Love is not a game
You and I should feel the same
[Chorus x2]
'Cause I recognize the woman in you
Let love free me and break these chains that bind me
It's taking me time to see it
The loving that surrounds me
I've been down on my luck before
See oh Lord I can't take no more of this pain
Now I know it's gonna be alright
'Cause with you I see the light
It's this way
In the corners of my mind
I can hear the voice of love
It talks about you
There's a place within my heart
Leaves me longing for the night
To vibe with you
I can feel the woman, woman in you, feel woman in you
I recognize the woman in you
I can feel the woman


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