Temple of the Sun

by Skeletonwitch

Skeletonwitch is an American heavy metal band from Athens, Ohio formed in 2003. The band currently consists of drummer Dustin Boltjes, vocalist Chance Garnette, bassist Evan Linger, and guitarists Nate Garnette and Scott Hedrick. They are signed to Prosthetic Records.

Most things fade with time
The foundations may crumble and the world unwinds
But through these eyes of crimson light
Rebuild an empire and dwell within
Passion breeds progress, progress feeds lives
The rejection of a tainted world, breeds the fire

We do not gleam for you but shine for ourselves

But in our minds our temple is divine
Construct the altar and worship the fire
The fury of the human heart, illuminates the path
Shadows in the temple of the sun, echo the howl

The light, it shines through you
The light, it becomes you

Written by: Scott Hedrick, Nathan Garnette, Evan Linger, Adam Clemans


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