The Jacket

by Ashley McBryde

Ashley McBryde is a country music singer-songwriter from Arkansas. She has released two albums, "Jalopies & Expensive Guitars, which was released March 10, 2016, by Road Life Records featuring "Bible and a .44," and "Fat and Famous." Her second album is titled, "Girl Going Nowhere", which includes …

It's got a hole in the elbow, bandana pocket
Silver button missin' from the snap at the bottom
I said, "That thing's seen better days, Daddy, you should toss it"
And he said "Darlin I can't"

This thing is two-thousand bonfires, I hitchhiked to Boulder
It's kept a million raindrops off your mama's shoulders
My heart on my sleeve, my life in these patches
Then he wrapped his arms around me in that old
Jean jacket

It's been a bed for a hound-dog, a picnic blanket
There's blood on the collar from a punk who tried to take it from me
Seen Willie Nelson play four or five states
The best Levi ever made

We strung for miles of barbed wire in Corinth, Mississippi
A night in county jail with an old drunk and a hippy
It's my heart on the sleeve, it's my life in these patches
With his arms wrapped around me in that old
Jean jacket

It ain't much to look at, but he let me have it
So I could feel his arms around me in that old
Jean jacket
Jean jacket

Written by: Ashley McBryde, Coty Neal, Olivia Claire Rudeen

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