The Talis-Man on the Age of Glass (Redux)

by L.A. Salami

Lookman Adekunle Salami, known professionally as L.A. Salami, is a singer and songwriter that is signed to Sunday Best Recordings & Domino Publishing. He has released three EPs and two albums.

As I get older ideals fade away, 
Doubts get bolder, my fears learn to stray - 
The stars lose meaning, future condenses past - 
Yet, I want for nothing, in the age of glass. 
You forgo changes at the haste of your demise - 
The quantum switchblade made of the gods' reprise - 
but with which logic sculptures a harsh but ethic heart, 
And there are always winners in the age of glass. 
As years get shorter I see a wiser way, 
Old men have oceans, as humans have their fields of days. 
Our wealth comes chiefly on how we choose to last - 
Cause there are no riches in the age of glass 
In the age of glass 
In the age of glass 
In the age of glass 
In the age of glass



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