by Kyshera

Which came first, the Puppet or the string?
Who built the stage & now is watching?
Why is force the ultimate authority?
Who’s interest does silence feed?

When there’s not a space left on this planet
That has escaped adulteration.

Poverty’s a commodity
That subsidises the inequality
That breeds & feeds all hegemony and
Keeps society too divided to be a threat.

We live in a gangsters’ democracy
‘To Serve & Protect’ its nobility
Emperor put some clothes on.

Will it always be the same way
From our desperate race to maintain our cage
To the sweat shops, depletion & war
The damage this virus has caused is everywhere.

But those fanatical, imperial terrorists in Washington,
Are Bastions of everything evil by Dollar and Gun.
Do you think that if Jesus were alive, he’d shoot?

Wants before needs and shares before votes
Politics before justice, bombs before talks,
Pillage before trade, arms sales before peace
Deceit before truth & fear before reason.

Which ends first, blood or oil?
How can vice & virtue look identical?
In which direction does society rot?
Why does scum always rise to the top?

They can fuck with your genes and disease
What we swallow & breathe what we think & believe.
We’ve got everything that money can buy
But nothing that’s worth the price we’re paying.

Rule by a cartel of military & business & law,
A system that calls this democracy is a fraud.
Do you think that if Jesus were alive, the CIA would shoot.

Let’s start a fire in the belly of the cannibals

There is nothing beyond expendability
Not nature, the future or society
Emperor put some clothes on.

When the well’s dry and somebody pulls the trigger,
You can guarantee that the culprits will be safe

Written by: James Kennedy

Lyrics © Konic Records, DUCHAMP, INC

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