Sex and Drugs and Rock'n'Roll

by Kyshera

In the non-conformist exclusive love boat
Neon chameleons march to their drones tonight
Every day they’re watched at play
Gaming and faming themselves in their pig pen of choice

You’re so unique, with your scenes of the week
And your wars by your enemies terms

Impotent, lifestyles sent to pacify
In your parrot’s ark, sex drugs and rock and roll

Second hand fist in the air
Or wave them around like you just don't care
Fighting the power by feeding its guards
Token rebellion points for their store cards.

You try to bleed but your own ID
Cuts as deep as the razor blade barcode on your arm

Defined only by what you oppose

Camouflage for your white washed uniforms
Lets play pretend, sex drugs and rock and roll

Bottom line feeds your ego needs just fine
But it’s closing time for sex drugs and rock and roll

Written by: James Kennedy

Lyrics © Konic Records

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