The Time Is Now

by Futuristic

Yo, get off yo' ass lil nigga
The whole world awaits you
Success ain't gon' chase you
First you gotta pay dues
Honestly, I'd hate to see you in a drive-thru
'Cause I know you can do what I do
'Cause I know you was born to fly too
Look around man, it's nobody like you
Family strugglin'
Why you ain't hustlin'?
Friends doin' nothin'
Don't fuck with 'em
Shouldn't be stuck with 'em
Best of luck to them
Get up, get out and get something
Hook up again
You always procrastinatin'
That shit get me aggravated
You wake up and act complacent
Watch videos of girls when they ass is shakin'
Don't you want a girl in real life?
Don't you want a crib? You could fuck all night
Don't you wanna buy yo' mom something real nice?
Don't you wanna stunt? Live that life?
Don't you wanna pull up in a ride that you don't even drive?
Hop out the back like, "Surprise"!
Don't you wanna rock some kicks that don't nobody have
And tell a lame nigga be quiet?

I'm not saying that that's all that matters
But you got dreams you should be chasing after
But you got goals that you'll never achieve by chillin'
Thought you was about that action
Time move fast so you gotta move quicker
Or you gon' be 32 and it's gon' hit you
You ain't never really did nothin' you a frontin' ass nigga
You don't wanna be that nigga

The time is now (right now)
The time is now
The time is now
The time is now
The time is now
The time is now
The time is now (right now)

Yo, I was up in college
Tryna get a lil knowledge
And it hit me
This ain't for me
I need to be free
I need to be on the beat
Let me speak, influence
Sometimes you gotta teach
You gotta compete
Now I get paid for my words
So you take a second to think
Whoever said talk is cheap couldn't talk like me
Makin' six figures in a week, sheesh
I got everybody saying "Sheesh"!
Go ahead and say it, sheesh!
You ain't even gotta be a rapper
Just do what you love, let the rest follow after
That's how you'll be happy
I know from experience
Been working hard but don't take it too serious
No stressing out, I run on with no periods
Wasted potential I see make me furious

The time is now (right now)
The time is now
The time is now
The time is now
The time is now
The time is now
The time is now (right now)

Do it, just do it
Don't let your dreams be dreams
Yesterday, you said tomorrow
So just do it
Make your dreams come true
Just do it
Some people dream success
While you're gonna wake up and work hard at it
Nothing's impossible
You should get to the point where anyone else would quit
And you're not gonna stop there
No, what are you waiting for?
Do it


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