All the Time Every Day

by Okkervil River

Okkervil River is an indie rock band from Austin, Texas. Formed in 1998, the band takes its name from a short story by Russian author Tatyana Tolstaya. They self-released their first album, Stars Too Small to Use, which led them to the South by Southwest music festival. After recording their first …

Do you stop and stare, struck down as shaken, washed
I was constantly panicking, wishing for what's lost
As I'm standing on some card, waiting to cross
But you say the fear like some weak leaf, when turned and tossed

All the time, every day, every day, all the time, all the time
Every day, every day

As the streets sell by the seats inside your car
Does each face have some collide against your heart
As you watch the blaze and fade it into the joy
Do you wanna scream the choice, so pleased with whom they are

Every day, all the time, all the time, every day, every day
All the time, every day

With that proper round, oh, that sweet and tender pain
Do you think how there'll come a time when you'll never fear again?
Do you try to make it right by thinking that if someone else feels it
It's real and it will go away? Do you?

Do you fall short of all that's in your heart?
When your friends think you should be put up you instead take a pause
Do you watch the world get cold and crushed and small?
And when you could do so much you do fuck off?

All the time, every day, every day, all the time, all the time
Every day, every day

I hate, and consuming all this and agreeing it's true
Is it hard each time just to feel something new?
For these so, so rich not to feel anymore
While we both make our way through the dark
No questions, any day, all the way, every time
Any day, any time, all the way

Said when you break erase the town
When you forget the bed, I'm in town
I do the same, don't be ashamed, I'm the same
Yeah, I'm that way
But I try every day and all the time

Written by: WILL SHEFF


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