I'll Know

by Keith Monacchio

I hope that she's sweet
I hope that she's good
A little damaged, a little weathered, and misunderstood
I hope that she's beautiful
I hope that she's cool
That she lets me slide when I'm actin dumb, actin' a fool
Hope that she bowls me over
Lifts the world right off my shoulders
I know her face, backwards & forwards
And I can't quit
Hoping for that perfect fit
I don't know what I'm looking for?
But I'll know, when I find it
Hope she's an original
A genuine article
Can tell me funny story, get me laughing hysterical
I hope she's emotional
I hope that she's good to go
That she's made her share of mistakes, and regrets not a one of em
I hope she's a little full of shit
Cause I know I'm full of it
Keep things clever and consistent
All the clues I've missed
That I'm just now noticing
Don't know what I'm looking for
But, I'll know when I find it
Don't want no mommy's girl
Just a pawn in her mommy's world
Cause I know that story to well
I hope that she's not all knowing
I hope that she's easygoing
That she don't leave her men on the beach, with bullets and bombs blowing
I hope she's the devil
I hope that she's truthful
That her train hasn't left the station, that I missed her… But mostly
I hope that I'll know

Written by: Keith Monacchio

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