Live Like You're Alive

by September Mourning

September Mourning is a transmedia dark culture project created by Emily Lazar and Marc Silvestri. The project centers on the fictional concept of a human-grim reaper hybrid named September (Lazar), as she navigates the world of the living and the world of the dead, her human side possessing the em…

Words, you speak but when you say them
Your eyes always betray them
Awake but hardly breathing
Buried yourself alive
Your past regrets we don't need them
This moment that we live in
The joy and pain are bleeding
While you waste yourself killing time
Hold forever in your eyes
Leave this hell for paradise
Won't you live like you're alive
And when the sun surrenders to the night
Your fears cast shadows deep inside
Go on and live like you're alive
Live like you're alive
Doors, the ones you never walked through
Do you see me standing unafraid and unassuming?
I'm yours to take away
Your past regrets we don't want them
This moment that we live in
The life you live is fleeting
You waste yourself killing time
You're drowning in your own sea of complication
If you could you own up to me
Live like you're alive
From a swelled earth the oceans rise
The rise and fall of blackened tides
Carry what we possess inside
Live like you're alive

Written by: Emily Lazar, Howard Benson, Kane Churko

Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

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