XX Century

by Small Black

Small Black is an indie band from Brooklyn, New York. Their sound is commonly described as belonging to the chillwave genre, though the band's members don't label themselves as such. They have released an album under Jagjaguwar. They are signed on both the Jagjaguwar and Lovepump United Records lab…

Meet me down
At the the steps
Tell no one
This is prolly our only
Never mind what they said
Can be done
Just make sure they
Don't see you leave
Through the waterfall
Hop the fence
Can't take
The obvious way
20th century
20th century
Doesn't mean that
We're lost
Just means
We're a little off
Yes, we blew it back then
This time we've
Practiced everything
Pick out a coat
Head for the north
Justget there
Want it to/wanted to go another way
But its always the same
But it always the same
When I get there
Even when I get there
Even when I get there
On time
20th century
20th century
Someone to come
And light the way
Someone to come
And light the way
20th century
20th century

Written by: Jeffrey Urso Curtin, Joshua Hayden Kolenik, Juan Pieczanski, Ryan Frank Heyner


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