Shut Down (Annihilation Man)

by Germs

Let me touch the tips of inculcated desire
And brush the fettered veil away
Shut down in the depths I lay
If you want nothin' then I've got nothin'
I'm your annihilation man
Lemme get control I've got your minds
Now I want your souls, lemme get control
I've got your minds
Now I want your souls, I need control
If you want somethin' then
I've got somethin'
I'm your annihilation man

When I see you on the street
You just stare at your feet
Can't you see, we just don't meet

When I see you all out there
I just grin and I don't care
Can't you see, we really mean it, we really believe

Just close your eyes and let it be
Just close your eyes you'll never see
Can't you see it, we can see it

All you people that I forget
You can just place your fucking bets [?]
We don't need your fucking money
We don't need you sucking on it
Honestly we really believe

Oh old poor Sid what a pity
I can't think of another city that would leave him

When I see Johnny Rose, I just guess that he knows
And poor JFK, such a smart man blowed away

Oh, why did you need her?
She just bled [?]

We don't care how you get your kicks
We just care [?}
Can't you see [?]

And look up there, there, there's Skylab
Piled up in my social fabric
And if I said I came from here
Would you still give me a beer
Can't you see [?]

Can't you see, it's a flea bargain

Poor Joe[?], poor Joan Jett
Passed out on the fucking set
Can't you see [?]
Oh I'm so free

When I see you on the beach
Kick that [?]
Can't you see [?]

Where I put that in my arm
I know that it does no harm
'Cause you see, it's my personal gender

When we walk on the track
Can't you see we won't be back
You don't think that

I depend [?]
Can't you see, we really mean it, really, really

When I see you on the wall
I know that you just can't fall
You're so small, you're so small

When I see you in a magazine
I just know that you don't look clean
'Cause you know what [?]

Can't you see

When I see you on my block
I don't even want to talk
Can't you see, take a walk

And when you hear my name out there
I know that you never cared
I don't care, and we don't care
We don't care how [?]

This bleach [?]
Can't you see, we're really [?]

When your mother [?]
Can't you see you're 
It's not worth it, [?]

When you give me all your change
I'll just say I need spare change
But [?]

When I see your hearts on fire
I just want to start a pyre
'Cause you're oh so low
Very low

When I see your name on my list
If you don't hear I guess I just missed
Can't you see [?]
John [?]
Don't tell [?]

And all you fucking English brats
You don't care where it's at
Don't you know? It always shows

And If all [?]
You don't know it's an accident
You believe you've been deceived

Written by: Darby Crash, Georg Ruthenberg

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