Bingo My Love

by Cleopatra

Cleopatra are a R&B/pop girl group from the UK whose members are sisters Cleo, Yonah, and Zainam Higgins. Their debut single entered the UK Singles Chart at number 3, and the Billboard Hot 100 at #26. They parted ways with their record label after the release of their second album.

B.I.N.G.O, B.I.N.G.O, B.I.N.G.O 
My love 
Boy, you can 
B.I.N.G.O (oh) B.I.N.G.O, B.I.N.G.O 
My love 
You know that 

Tonight's the night (night) so single people say 
The game is on and I'm doing it my way 
Singles only, if you want access
So give me your (what, what, what, what) number 
Or maybe your address 
Inside it's steaming hot 
We're about to blow it up, ready or not 
Up-tempo it can't go any better 
This girl can fly if you let her

We like to play the game (oh)
Boy, it would be a shame (it would)
If we were never cool (never, oh)
You know that (you know that)

We can mingle (we can) (what)
We're free and single (what)
So you can Bingo my love
(What, what, what)
Like I said there's no boyfriend (what)
For you to fend (to fend) (what)
So come and (so come and) 
Bingo my love (Bingo my love, yeah) (what, what)

We be (we be) getting busy with the dating game (game)
It's a (it's a) long night go write your name 
On the (on the) V.I.P list get with me list 
Got to figure out just what the deal is 
(Shout out to the producers, shout out)
Shout out to the cruisers
(Shout out to the kids with kicks and fly movers)
We're having a field day (what) giving you leeway (what) (oh?)
Now singles in the house let me hear you say
(Let me hear you say)

We like to play the game 
Boy, it would be a shame 
If we were never cool 
You know that 

[Chorus: x2]

B.I.N.G.O (oh) B.I.N.G.O (yeah) B.I.N.G.O (B.I.N.G.O)
My love (my love)
Boy, you can (boy, you can)
B.I.N.G.O (yeah) B.I.N.G.O, B.I.N.G.O (Bingo)
My love 
You know that (oh?yeah, oh)

[Chorus: x3]


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