Dixie Rock

by Wet Willie

Wet Willie is an American band from Mobile, Alabama, U.S. They were best known for their hit "Keep On Smilin'," reaching #10 on the Billboard Chart in August 1974, but had a number of charted songs in the 1970s utilizing their soulful brand of Southern rock.

I was feelin' tired and troubled
I was feelin' down and out
I was gettin' lost in a shuffle
I was full of pain and doubt

Lord, I had to find me somethin'
I had to have a remedy
Then I heard the jukebox jumpin'
With a silly melody

I heard, dixie rock and that dixie roll
Had a real good beat, yes it did
And a whole lotta soul
Oh, yeah

Come on, play some good time music
Just the way we used to do
Any old way to choose it
You know, you just can't lose

So gimme some nasty pickin'
Some blues on a black guitar
Don't you dig that dixie lady
No matter who you are

You love dixie rock and that dixie roll
Got a real good beat, yeah
And a whole lotta soul

I love that dixie rock
It's got that steady roll
And it feels so good y'all
Hey, don't you know

But I can't tell you
What you already know
You know I can't

Such a good feeling
This thing called
Rock and Roll

So, just let it take you
Where you wanna go
Where you wanna go

If they're gettin' tired of trouble
If you're feelin' down and out
Listen to this smokin' shuffle
When we're playin' way down South

You can hear me down in Alabama
We're playin' down in Tennessee
From Georgia to Louisiana
They're dancin' to the boogie beat

Of that dixie rock
And that dixie roll
Got a real good beat
And a whole lotta soul

We love that dixie rock
And that steady roll
Yes, it feels so good
Mama, don't you know

I said, yeah
Yeah, yeah
I said, yeah

Come on
Come on
Come on

Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
Dixie rock

Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
Dixie roll

Good times, baby
Play all night, play

Dixie rock


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