Positive Vibrations

by Moneybrother

Might have got that information anywhere
Let´s not just talk about it please
If there´s a chance, we´ll make it anyhow
And that way saving me from grief 
I´ll let go

Baby I´m really worrying about you
For the first time now tonight
I see it´s really hurting deep inside you
It sure feels funny but if it´s so
I´ll let go

Cause you been cheating and it hurt me more than you will ever know
And if it ain't positive vibrations, baby, than it´ll have to go
Consider that the terrible silence
Feels better than it does when we talk 
We cannot win
Let´s not begin

My friends they talk about it and they said
- Oh no, man, can´t belive that´s true
They couldn´t belive that shit about you
- It don´t seem like the stuff she would do
Wait a minute baby, listen up now
I´ve been mistreated, I can mistreat too

Yeah I Know…


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