Rolling off a Log

by World Party

World Party is a British pop/alternative rock band, which is essentially the solo project of its sole member, Karl Wallinger. He started the band in 1986 in London after leaving The Waterboys.

"Do you remember how it used to be?"
They always say.
You mean those days when everybody laughed?
Well, how did they ever, ever slip away?
Just like rolling off a log!
As we say goodbye to God.
Yeh, the animal still feels odd
Asleep inside.
Well how it was, was how it had to be
At the end of every day.
So perfect in its sense of duty.
Well how did it ever, ever slip away?
Just like rolling off a log!
The scientist thinks it's odd
That the animal says it's God.
Asleep inside.

So many fought the wars,
And what was that all for?
They said between good and evil?
Well I think they lied a little.
We live in a prison, somewhat of our own design.
Grab the key, unlock the door,
Then you'll know what life is for.
Stop rolling off a log!
Yeah, the scientist says it's odd
And the animal still seems odd,
Asleep inside.
After such a long parade of history,
So many seeing eyes.
I wonder how life could do this thing to me?
How could I ever, ever lose my mind?
Just like rolling off a log!
And the animal still seems odd.
Asleep inside.
Asleep inside.
Asleep inside.
It sleeps inside.
Reprise of Bang!'s Vocal Interlude


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