Pigeon Song

by America

America is an English-American folk rock band, that originally consisted of Gerry Beckley, Dewey Bunnell and Dan Peek. The three members were barely out of their teens, when they became a musical sensation during 1972, scoring No. 1 hits and winning a Grammy for best new musical artist. Their recor…

Well, I had me a pigeon 
By the name of Fred 
But I done shot him 
In the head 

Had me a railroad 
Down on the ridge 
But I done blowed up 
The bridge 

Had me a dog 
He was my best friend 
But to him 
I done put an end 

Had me a farm 
Sittin' pretty on the hill 
But if you look 
You'll see it ain't there still 

I don't know why I done it 
Honest, it ain't like me 
But I ain't sad now I done it 
Cause a baby boy has got to be free


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