The Devil in Me

by Oliver Koletzki

Oliver Koletzki (born in Braunschweig on 5 October 1974) is a German dance and house music producer and DJ. Koletzki rose to international fame with his track "Der Mückenschwarm" (meaning the mosquito swarm), which appeared on the Cocoon Recordings label. Many DJs played his track and thus introduc…

I've never doubted
Seeing him around 
Because we share this in two
We both frequent ? show
But he`s got, he`s better
Want me go
We drive the same automobile
Even marble idea 
We drive the same Fridays
Replace me at the local bar.
Star way to heaven on guitar

I couldn't hide from the truth
Of that insight I`d come to believe
There lives a devil in me.
I've met the devil in me
I've met the devil in me
That`s all it seems
The devil in me
I've met the devil in me 
It was waiting for me
The devil in me.

I've met the devil
Don`t tell me
Wait for me
Deep inside my shadow.

My re escape back to the ? (birth)
Who`s the one that will appear?

When I`m approaching he droves away
When I am talking he`s away
Got something at something so profound to say
But I can`t confront my enemy.


It`s kind like me
Feels alone 
And crawl like me
I`m starting to see

[Repeat: x4]
He gets what he wants
But not what he needs

I shouldn't die
Oh Lord I shouldn't cry
But the devil has somehow
Came to frame me
The devil is actually me.


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